About Enviro

JW-SEZ Group (formerly Ruba-SEZ Group) initiated its rigorous yet pioneering journey in 1971; and with the passage of time the current generation leading JW-SEZ Group intends to continue the legacy of those before them. Since its inception, JW-SEZ Group has continuously raised the bar of its vision, expertise and technology in order to keep itself well informed about the ever changing market trends. Furthermore, JW-SEZ Group has sustained its prime objective to expand its business operations through mergers and acquisitions, parallel with organic growth over the years.

With its presence across 6 countries, the group has equipped itself with internationally renowned systems and procedures. No wonder day after day, professionals of the highest caliber at Ruba-SEZ Group meet and exceed all expectations.

Having diversified its portfolio – consisting of electronic appliances, automotive range, investment services – JW-SEZ Group has developed into a dynamic group of companies with the common goal of contributing towards the economic social growth of Pakistan. Today the group includes electronics, automotive, investment, Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and consumer divisions working diligently to produce, market and distribute world-class products and services. Looking forward towards a promising future; the group aims to share positive growth with investors, stakeholders and employees.


Part of the JW-SEZ Group of companies, Enviro designs and manufactures an extensive range of economical, energy efficient and user friendly lifestyle solutions. Thanks to its diverse and superlative range of home appliances, consumer electronics and power solutions Enviro envisions itself as being a trustworthy market leader with a reputation for unsurpassed excellence.

At Enviro, we carry out the latest manufacturing techniques, source the highest quality components, and implement the best management practices, which is why we always make it better! Our ergonomically designed, easy to use product range is tailor made for the Pakistani household. Our rigorous product testing ensures that all products do very well in terms of our standards in longevity and reliability. All our products come with a valid warranty that is backed by the promise of prompt after sales service all over Pakistan.