Enviro TQ Grande Series Air-Conditioner – “Live Better” in True Sense

This year Enviro introduced its new model, TQ/GR, in its premium TQ Grande DC Inverter AC Series. The launch of the model revolutionizes Enviro’s line of Air conditioners irredeemably. With state-of-the-art technology used in this DC Inverter, Enviro surely sets forth to deliver its promise of ‘Live Better’ or ‘Behtar Jiyo’. As stated in its mission statement Enviro strives to cater to its consumer’s needs and lifestyle with this product diligently. We hope to increase your understanding of Enviro as a sincere and consumer friendly brand, reflected first and foremost in our products.


The TQ Grande Series DC Inverter AC is a bestseller in the market and rightly so.  A classically designed Air conditioner with an IOT or Internet of Things Technology, the TQ Grande is really the future to living better. The IOT system allows you to access your Air conditioner via Wi-Fi or the internet. Thus, enabling you to operate all functions from a completely different physical setting or location; in fact from anywhere in the world. So no more waiting around for the AC to cool or warm your room, just turn it on before you reach home!


Another state-of-the-art technology feature of Enviro TQ Grande Air Conditioner is its Twin Rotary T3 Compressor. Enviro’s T3 Compressor enables perfect cooling even in harshest hot conditions where temperatures can reach up to 60 degree Celsius. This is because TQ model’s Compressor provides Full BTUs (British Thermal Units) even in such hot conditions and hence immensely increasing its cooling capacity.


Enviro not only increased its products’ working capacity but also worked on increasing their durability and cost saving from maintenance. Keeping in mind all this TQ Grande incorporates Self-Cleaning System aiming to make life better and easy for our customers. Performing the Self-Clean function once every 4 months makes sure that your compressor and evaporator remain clean and unclogged from any dust or other particles. Such particles can drastically bring down the performance of an AC unit.

The Self-Clean function once activated takes about 40 minutes; 15-20 minutes for ice to freeze on the fins of the Air conditioner starting the cleaning process. After this the AC will automatically switch to a heating mode, melting the ice and draining the grime and dust dissolved in the melted water via draining pipes. This will ensure that your Air conditioner stays clean at all times with minimum effort involved by you. For more details you can watch our youtube video on how to operate and activate the Self-Clean function, https://youtu.be/5Nq5Octk2Co.


In today’s time and age a most important element people look into is Energy Saving. Enviro recognized this need and introduced TQ Grande DC Inverter Air conditioning Series that provides up to 75% in Energy Savings. This saving is transferred towards your electricity bill making sure that your bill is much reduced as compared to a regular AC. So if you’re looking for a cost effective and environment friendly product Enviro has got you covered.


Additionally, dedicated to make the lifestyles of our customers as comfortable and soothing, the Smart Airflow feature of Enviro TQ Grande Series ensures to expand its cooling or warmth up to 15 meters and in all four directions. This also includes four types of air throw designed in particular for your convenience and ease; the Shower Style air throw ensures that cooler and denser air falls slowly down the room to cool it perfectly. Whereas, the Blanket Style air throw pushes the warm air down so that the warmer and lighter air rises towards the top of the room to warm it completely.

Over the past few years Enviro TQ Grande AC has rapidly reached a reputation of a reliable and durable alternative to brands such as Gree and PEL. There has been an increased demand for the AC and other products that the Enviro company manufacturers. The company will continue manufacturing products that the consumers want. In this regard, the model TQ Pro is set to hit the markets pretty soon.

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  1. Ansar ali says:

    I have buy. 18qy dc inverter it will take 12.8A when it start after 1 hour it’s A reduces 11.9 A a in auto mode what is problem

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