JW Enviro set to launch TQ Pro Air Conditioner

Enviro TQ PRO Air Conditioner: An Upgrade to Your Lifestyle

If you found Enviro’s TQ Grande DC Inverter Air Conditioner amazing then you are in for a treat because Enviro has come up with yet another product of innovation and modernization. TQ-Pro is the new model to hit the market as part of Enviro’s premium Grande Series and provide for you an upgraded Lifestyle. In a market full of established brands like Gree, Dawlance, PEL etc., Enviro is all set to launch the new model. This will allow Envoro to lead the race in the AC industry offering latest and technologically advanced AC, the ‘TQ-Pro’. TQ-Pro is here to provide its users all the ease, care and health benefits an AC can possibly provide.

Energy Savings

A healthy planet is the need of the time and we try our best to play our part in it. With Enviro, even you can contribute towards this noble cause. The new TQ-Pro will give users up to 75% in energy. This makes it friendly for the environment while being cost effective .

Strong Air Flow

Everyone looks for an AC that has strong Air throw. The new TQ-Pro has large and strong louvers, which enable it to equally distribute the strong air throw. This quickly regulates the temperature throughout the room. With the fast cooling and strong heating functionality it will serve as one of the best options if you are looking for convenience. Additionally, it lets you choose between strong cool air and a gentle cool breeze.


Everything, we have these days is Smart, from smart phones to smart watches and now TQ Pro as a Smart AC as well. Just like our TQ Grande, the TQ-Pro also has the WiFi functionality; which means that you can control your air conditioner from anywhere in the house or from any location in the world you are at. These features of the TQ Pro air-conditioner will completely change our way of using air conditioners.

Twin Rotary Compressor

An air conditioner is used for many hours consecutively and if it isn’t quiet enough it tends to become a nuisance instead of providing comfort. That is why the TQ Grande Series and it’s extension, the TQ-Pro, both have the Twin Rotary Compressor system which reduces the noise while increasing the cooling power of the air conditioners.

Golden Fin Technology

Electronics are composed of many metal parts which tend to get corroded or rusted. For this, the parts prone to rusting are coated with a nano coating in order to make them dust repellent. This is the Gold Fin technology which can be found in the TQ-Pro ACs.

Auto Clean Function

Electronics exist to provide comfort and help us in our daily routine, but the tedious work of maintaining these electronics isn’t what we look forward to. It would become much easier if these electronics would start cleaning themselves as well. The TQ-Pro provides ease with reduced hard labor of cleaning the filters of the air conditioner. Its Auto Clean function will let you enjoy the comforts of your AC without the thought of dealing with its maintenance. The Self Cleaning filters fitted on top of the AC allow large amounts of air intake. Hence, facilitating it in giving out a strong air throw in all directions.

Easy AC Installation

Although our TQ Grande series was a complete package of comfort and technology but the TQ Pro is a step ahead. Installation of an AC has never been so easy as it requires the minimal usage of screws and tools. Installation of the air conditioner and setting it up will take absolutely no time and anyone will be able to do it without a hassle.

If you are looking for a cost effective, convenient and durable AC, look no further, TQ Pro has got you covered. Along with the mentioned attributes, the ability of being environmental friendly makes it even better at being the best DC inverter AC in the market.

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    • Enviro Team says:

      Dear Mr. Ammar,

      If you are referring to the Enviro’s new TQ Pro Air Conditioner, we are as excited as you are. Hopefully, the AC will be launched by end of September.
      Stay tuned! 🙂

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